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Rivetto is highly acknowledged by Decanter as one of the Top Barolo & Barbaresco producers. Its wines have been receiving high scores from renowned wine critics.

The Rivetto Winery is located on top of the Lirano hills, 400 meters above sea level, on the border with the Barolo zone. The soil, from which the richness, power and elegance of the tannins derive, is typical of Serralunga: calcareous and rich of clay, with the presence of marles. The winery extends on 15 hectares of vineyards, 6 hectares of woodlands, 6 hectares of nut trees and 1 hectare dedicated to alternative crops.

The vineyards carry the signs of the past and tell the history of viticulture, the changes in climate, the life of different generations. Every detail brings people back to something that happened and left a mark. In 2009, Rivetto started thinking and acting with an organic approach to the vineyard, and was officially certified in 2016. In 2015, the evolution went even further, with biodynamic practices applied to all cultivations being managed.

Rivetto makes wines that are healthy and pleasant, and most importantly, with man's intervention at the minimum. They believe that the mystical experience of entering the silence of the cellar, each and every material - wood, steel, cement, clay - has a role that is dedicated to the maximum expression of the variey and of the territory.

Region: Piedmont, Italy


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