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Gianni Brunelli

The winery was founded by husband and wife team Gianni and Laura Brunelli in 1987. Gianni Brunelli has two main vineyards of different soils, altitudes and site climates - producing apparently different versions of wines, all however rich in character and verve. The vineyards not only look beautiful but are worked by hand in the main with great intensity – the farming is organic and sustainable viticulture is pursued.

The wines of Gianni Brunelli are particularly well known in the English market. This is partly because of the quality of the wines, and partly because of the instantly recognizable and highly memorable label – ‘Elvira with a hat” (the lady with a hat), a drawing by the American scholar Richard M. Goodwin from University of Cambridge.

In addition to running the Gianni Brunelli winery, Laura is also a wildly successful restaurateur. Her place, Osteria Le Logge, is close to Pizza del Campo in Sienna.

Region: Tuscany, Italy


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