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"Carmenere is Carmen" - As of the rediscovery of Carmenere by the French ampelographer Jean Michel Boursiquot in 1994, at one of Vina Carmen's vineyards. Carmen was the driving force behind the development of Carmenere in Chile and launched its first variety bottle in 1996.

Carmen is considered "Superstar Performer" by Wine & Spirits Magazine as it won 7 times at the Winey of the Year Awards. Its wine collections - from Ultra Premium to Reserva Range - also attained many awards and high grades from Robert Parker, Decanter World Wine Awards, and other wine competitions or organizations.

Founded in 1850, Carmen was Chile’s first wine producer and oldest winery. It has obtained vineyards in Chile’s premier wine producing zones, so that each grape variety can best express its unique character.

Carmen style seeks harmony and liveliness from Chile’s most valuable asset – its fruit. It pays great attention on vineyard sustainability to produce wines that are balanced and vibrant; wines that pair well with all kinds of dishes.

Region: Chile


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