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Vereinigte Hospitien

The endowed wine estate Vereinigte Hospitien (United Hospices) is located in the heart of Trier, Germany's oldest city, a former Roman imperial residence and the centre of Mosel wine. The figure of Saint James, which adorns the sculpture not only of the entrance to the winery but also the labels, as their trademark.

Vereinigte Hospitien looks back on a long tradition of craftsmanship in viticulture. The oldest written evidence of Riesling cultivation on the Mosel is from 1464, and was listed in the accounting books of Hospice of St. James. Their vineyards come partly from the historic properties of former Trier monasteries. These are all VDP-classified best sites at Mosel and Saar. Overall, they cultivate 24 hectares of vineyard area, 90 percent of which are planted to Riesling, 10 percent Pinot varieties. Their aim is to make the best possible and distinctive wines that reflect the typicality of their vineyards, so that the soil in which the vines grow can be tasted. Modern technology is also in place to improve the quality of the wines even further.

In addition, Vereinigte Hospitien is fortunate to have Germany's oldest wine cellar, whose origins can be traced back to 330 A.D. in the time of Roman Trier. As a founding member of the VDP (The Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates) and the Europäische Stiftungsweingüter, they are one of the leading producers in the Mosel wine region and the administrator of a cultural and historical heritage - maintaining with contemporary principles.

Region: Mosel, Germany


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