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Gianna Gagliardo

The Gagliardo family has been deeply rooted in the history of cultivating grapes and producing wines in Piemonte, one of the most prestigious wine regions, since 1848. The Gagliardo ancestors, the Colla family, initially began producing Moscato from Santo Stefano Belbo. Then the next generation of the family moved to Diano d’Alba producing Dolcetto, and finally Paolo Colla bought a small farm and vineyard in La Morra in the Barolo region and started producing Barolo wine with the care and attention that only a great passion and respect for the land can provide.

Today, the passion of Gianni’s three sons represent the “power unit” of the winery, and they are all fully committed to making exceptional wines. Their handcrafted approach is traditional, with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Each and every phase of production is meticulously executed. Stefano is one of the premier winemakers in Barolo. At his side, his brother Alberto, has taken on the responsibility for the vineyards, continually seeking to obtain outstanding results following the most sustainable organic practices. Paolo, the third son, with a degree in Agricultural Sciences, is in charge of daily winery operations.

Region: Piedmont, Italy


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