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Forge Cellars

Forge Cellars is a small, artisanal producer in the United States created by Louis Barruol - the French Winemaker-Grower of Chateau de Saint Cosme, together with two American friends, Rick Rainey (Vineyards, General Manager) and Justin Boyette (Winemaker). It is located in the North of New York State, in the Finger Lakes, home of the extensive glacial lakes shaped by granite and clayey shale soils. The team identified the magnificent potential for Riesling and Pinot Noir in the region. The vines are facing towards the sunset and enjoying a unique micro-climate.

They grow field selections produced from old vines, as they are driven by the same overriding respect for the soils and sense of place as in Gigondas. They make wine in the traditional, handcrafted manner. Each vintage is viewed as an opportunity to express the region - to reflect its soils, its cool climate and its hillside terroirs. The Rieslings show clear, pure sense of place and age incredibly well.

Region: New York, USA


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