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Brick House

Doug Tunnell, owner and winemaker of Brick House Vineyards, spent seventeen years as a foreign correspondent for CBS television news before returning to his native Oregon to become one of the state's preeminent winemakers. In 1990, he bought a 40-acre property that featured a filbert orchard and a 1928 vintage brick farmhouse at the heart of the property.

Today, Brick House Vineyards plantings encompass thirty acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Gamay Noir; All the varieties native to Burgundy growing along a ridgeline in the northern Willamette Valley, from a perch 440 feet above the valley floor. All wines are then produced and bottled by hand in that small brick house. Doug likes to say he farms "in harmony with nature", a nod to the fact that the vineyards have been certified organic for the past 25 years and now are also certified Biodynamic by Demeter. He feels these rigorous certifications demonstrate his dedication to growing and making the best wines the land can offer.


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