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La Manufacture

La Manufacture is founded by Benjamin Laroche, who is passionate and having deep roots in an exceptional "Terroir". A native of Chablis, the Laroche family have had vineyards in the Chablis area since 1663 and have created a vineyard which is considered as one of the jewels of the Chablis appellation.

"La Manufacture" means "Precise" - implying that the wines, from grapes to bottles, are manufactured precisely. They are lovers of "la Belle Ouvrage" - the French concept of perfectly crafted work. They do not have their own vines, they go out into vineyards and cellars for an extra qualitative plots selection. They strives to offer its connoisseur clientele some unique gems and the best of their "Terroir".

Region: Chablis, Burgundy, France


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