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Terra Andina

Terra Andina wines constantly received awards from the Annual Wines of Chile Awards. The wines were also featured in Food & Wine magazine as well as NBC's TV show as "Best Wine Value".

Acquired in 2001 by the Claro wine group, Terra Andina is an innovator within the Chilean wine industry. By blending grapes from different valleys with different micro-climates and soil conditions, Terra Andina takes full advantage of the richness and diversity of the different regions.

The brand’s style lies on the production of expressive wines, which hold the traditional harmony and subtlety of the old world, while highlighting the warm concentration of fruity expressions of new world terroirs. Terra Andina is dedicated to produce well-balanced wines, deep but fresh and lively, and with fruity features, in order to meet the demand of modern palates, who seek wines that are immediately approachable and easy to pair with dishes.

Region: Rapel Valley & Central Valley, Chile


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